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Why are certain ads blocked? reserves the right to modify or refuse any advertisement we deem inappropriate.

Why am I not receiving any paid to read emails?

There may be at least three reasons why your are not.

1. Check your profile that is where you choose to opt in to receive email.

2. Adverisers have not purchased any?

3. Your mail is blocking mail from this site.

Why is there a FEE on Paid Membership withdrawal?

Its to keep the FREE Members from trying to use it.

When your a PAID member there is never a Fee no matter what the fee box says. You can cash out as often as want. You decide how much? An When.

Why is my acount deleted after trying to cash out for 1,000,000?

This site does not have any 1,000,000 clicks except cheat checks. Therefore if you try to cash out then you are trying to cheat the system.


What happens when I commit PTSU Fraud?

1. You will be posted in the Hall of Shame.

2. You will either be suspended, banned, deleted or warned.

3. If 3 or more of the same offense you will be deleted from all sites in The Patriot-Group.

What is?

What is a url?

URL stands for "Uniform Resource Locator". It is a draft standard for specifying an object on the Internet, such as a file or newsgroup.
URLs look like this: (file: and ftp: URLs are synonymous.)

Basically you live at 1223 longroad City, USA 75110 that is your living address. is your current computer address.

What is a Banner Image?

“Banner Images” (or just “banners”) are commonly used on websites as the title or top of a page. Banners are usually very flashy in nature, and are meant to catch the immediate attention of the visitor.
Banners come in all different sizes. The most common for web pages is 468x60.

Our 468x60 Banner url is:

How do I delete my account?

Log in

Go to Profile

See in the right hand corner where it says

Delete Account

Click that button and you are deleted. Never to be apart of our community again.

What is PTP?

PTP simply means "Paid to Promote". Members of a site offering "Paid to Promote", have a special link which can be promoted at any approved site. For each valid click of your PTP link, you will receive points or cash.

A PTP link will look something like this:

What is CPM?

CPM means "Cost Per 1,000" (M = Roman letter for 1,000). Programs offering the PTP feature will pay you a certain amount of money "per 1,000" valid clicks of your PTP link. Here is an example:

"60 cents for each 1000 credits"

In order for a click to be valid, the person clicking it must let it (the page) load completely. As well, most ptp links can only be clicked on once every 12 or 24 hours. So the person must not only let the page fully load, but they can only click on it once per the minimum time period.

What is PTSU?

PTSU is Paid To Sign UP you get paid for signing up for different things or programs that interest you.

What is PTSU Fraud?

PTSU Fraud or Paid To Sign Up Fraud is where you signed up saying that have completed signup requirements for this offer when in reality you have not.

What is Hall of Shame?

Its where we post members name, country and ip and reason posted.


Do you really want your name, country and isp posted here. Have you no honor?

What is the difference between Free and Paid Memberships? will always have FREE membership available. FREE is FREE.

A Paid Membershup offers so much more.

Check out the different memberships available to see exactly what you get.

Paid Memberships receive HIGHER PAID LINKS restricted to only Paid Members.

Paid Members also receive all the FREE member links.

Paid Members can cash out anytime with No FEE!
Check it out today!


Can I reive a refund for my purchases?

Refund Policy

Individual Item Returns

Due to the nature of the products being sold, we unfortunately cannot accept returns of advertising once they have been delivered. We cannot and do not warrant the accuracy, completeness of the information available through this service, which is provided to the user 'as is'.


What do I get for referring people?

When you refer someone to the site you receive several benefits

  • {{($settings[upline_earnings]*100)}}% of their earnings
  • {{($settings[upline_earnings]*100)}}% of their referral's earnings on 2 levels
  • Bonus when they upgrade to premium (if you are a premium member)
  • Bonus when they purchase advertising (if you are a premium member)

    How many people can I refer?

    There are no limits on how many people you can refer to the site.

    How do I refer people to the site?

    When you are logged in, click on the "Banners" link. This will give you your referral URL and banners to use.

    Then use this link in other programs to promote this site and earn referrals.

    At this time you may directly link to the banners using my bandwidth.

    I just bought some referrals, what can I expect?

    Referrals are active within the last 2 weeks. We guarantee them to be active within the last 2 weeks for 30 days from date of purchase. During that time you can trade 2 for 1. Nobody can make a referral click.

    What can we guarantee?

    We guarantee that all referrals are real people and they were active at the time the purchase took place.

    What we can not guarantee:

    We can not guarantee that all referrals will be active in the long term. The possibility of getting an inactive referral is slightly less than the referrals which you find through your own efforts as we only sell referrals who have already clicked at least one paid email or paid-to-click link


    What are points?

    A point is a specific kind of balance on your account. You can convert points to credits or cash.

    How do I use points?

    You can convert points into credits or cash. To do this, simply click on the "Convert Points" link in your account menu.

    You buy things in the point store.

    You use the points to play games once you convert them to game points.

    You can bid on the Super Money Auction at every month I give away to the top bidder $5.00. There will always be a link in the featured links to right of the page.

    How do I earn points?

    Sometimes links in the "Click For Cash" will be worth points instead of cash.

    How many points do I earn for each click?

    This will vary from link to link. On the "Click For Cash" page, you will be informed of how much each link is worth.


    What payment processers do you use?

    We pay by either PayPal or e-gold at this time.

    Do I get paid if I hav e no country or wrong country?

    You must have a verified country to receive payment.

    My Account Responsibilities

    How old do I need to be, to be a member of your site?

    To join our site you must be 18 years of age.

    Who can join?

    Our program is open to both US and International members in good standing.

    Can I use anyones email address?


    You agree to and must use your own name and email address in the sign-up process and may not assume a false identity.

    How many times can I sign up?


    You may not sign-up multiple times with different email addresses.

    Can I share my computer?


    Your computer must not be shared with another individual that has an existing account.

    How do I access my account?

    You will use your email address / password combination to access your account, it is your responsibility to keep this information confidential, you may change this information by logging into your account and following the "Profile" link.

    Who is responsible for my account information?

    You are solely responsible for any and all use of your account including authorization by you to any third party individual who may use your account.

    What happens if you catch me cheating?

    Should any instances of fraud, system abuse, or any type of activity deemed to be inappropriate or illegal by be detected it may result in member termination and possible legal action. Any solicitation of advertisers for a confirmation email for purposes of receiving credit in your account will be grounds for immediate termination.

    What happens if my email becomes blocked or full?

    You must maintain your email account that you used when signing up

    How many emails will you send?

    You agreed to receive e-mail advertising from limited to no more than (50) per day.

    Many times only 1 or 2 but up to 50 can be sent per day.

    What hapens if I send you email in my native non-English language?

    Your account will be terminated. This especially applies to e-mail accounts returned for being Full. Any member sending us gibberish (NON-English)will result in automatic termination of account and Forfeiture of All earnings to date of termination. Auto-responses will also be deleted.

    Login Problems

    Why can't I login to my account?

    Make sure that your password is correct and so is your username. The system is case sensative. Feel free to contact us at any time if you are having trouble logging in.

    I lost my password, what can I do?

    Under the login box it will say "Lost Password". Click on that and then enter your username. Your username and password will then be sent to the email in which you have signed up with. Make sure you enter a valid email address when you join since you will need it!


    How did you figure out I was a cheater?

    With our tough anti-cheat system.

    How do you know I cheated on the PTSU?

    With our tough anti-cheat system. An do you really think we would offer a site for the PTSU offer that did not have good stats?

    How are cheaters punnished?

    If 3 or more of the same offense you will be deleted from all sites in The Patriot-Group.

    * Suspended - email me.
    * Banned - You are no longer welcome at any of the sites in the Patriot Group
    * Deleted - Absolutely Gone
    * Warned - Don't do it again

    How long does it take to get all my PTSU?

    It varies with the program its in and the program its promoting. There is no time limit.

    The only Limit is How many you have.

    PTSU is a Guaranteed Referral but only as far as the conditions you set when you make the sign up offer.

    How many credits do I need to start my click exchange ad?

    51 Credits Required for Click Exchange Approval

    How To

    How do I set up my link ad?

    Click on Manage Ads
    Fill in the blanks under New Link Ad
    The name of the Link
    Sample: HoneyLouPTC
    may also add click today!
    Target Url:
    Where do you want it to Go
    Check the box
    Does Not Violate Terms.
    If it dosen't your okay
    Click Ad Link

    How do I add my credits to my link?

    Click the add button.
    Select how you want pay for the ad.
    How do you wish to fund the credits?
    Account Link Credits (1000.000000)
    Purchase Credits
    Select the one that fits your needs.
    Click the next button.

    I have credits how do I use them?

    Ad: Join Today!
    Credits To Add
    Any amount up to what you have
    Choose how much Hit Value:
    These cost different amount of credit and the timer is different.
    Class D - 25 Seconds
    I have 1000 credits so I put in 500 that will cost me 500 credits.
    The numbers automatically change based on what you put in the first and second box.
    Click the Add Credits button.
    An your done.

    How do I set up my banner ad?

    Click on Manage Ads
    Select Banner Ads the click manage
    Fill in the blanks under New Link Ad
    The name of the Link
    Sample: HoneyLouPTC
    may also add click today!
    Target Url:
    Where do you want it to Go
    Banner Url:

    Check the box
    Does Not Violate Terms.

    Not Sure? Click on Terms in aner window or tab.

    If it dosen't your okay
    Click Ad Link

    How do I buy credits using Account Funds?

    1. Goto: Manage Ads
    2. Select the Ad type = Link Ads - Banner Ads - Featured Ads
    3. Add the new Ad details than click on the [Add Button]
    4. Then goto: Purchase Credits
    5. Edit the Ad options
    6. Then Select the Payment Method from the pulldown menu
    7. Select the Account Funds options to pay for the Ad with your account earnings.

    How do I make more money with

    By going to Profile after you have logged in.

    Paid To Read Preference
    You can get paid to read emails! Opt in below and you will receive email ads from our sponsors. In which there will be links you click that will credit your account with cash for the email!

    Click Opt Me In For Paid Emails

    How do I undelete myself?

    You can't.

    How do I delete my account?

    Log in

    Go to Profile

    See in the right hand corner where it says

    Delete Account

    Click that button and you are deleted. Never to be apart of our community again.

    How do I change my email preferences?

    1. Click on Profile

    2. Click on Preferences
    select button on right will either turn it on or off!


    Why is there a fee added to my purchases?

    All tranactions have a .40 fee to help defray PayPal/E-Gold costs. costs.
    This amount will be added to all orders. Thanks for your understanding.

    How can I avoid the fees?

    Buy 7 different ad packages or 7 separate paypal or alert pay purchases in one month. Receive your fees back as Thank You for being a Valuable Advertiser.

    Clicking for Cash

    When I can't I receive a refund for my purchase?

    We are sorry but advertising is NON-REFUNDABLE.


    Because you can not return to me in an unused condition what you received.

    What if any or exceptions to the rule of NON-REFUNDABLE REFUNDS?

    If you have not received the advertising and have not used it. You may then qualify for a refund. Case by case basis.

    I bought a Membership but have NOT used any of it.

    Memberships are NON-REFUNDABLE. If true you have not used any of the credits received for the membership. You can receive a refund minus 1 25% restocking fee. An prorated to how many days left in the membership you have.

    What does $1e-05 mean in earnings?



    What is Cheating?

    Cheating includes but is not limited to:
    Cheating would include any of the following:

    # Interfering with our system to prevent optimum security and/or reliability.
    # Creating any type of emulator, or a program to automate the process of clicking.
    # Any malicious act that may, in any way, interfere with our system.
    # Clicking on the Bot Detector Banner that clearly says you will be deleted if you click on it.
    # Having more than one Account
    # Missing to many cheat check questions.

    I was caught cheating what do I do now?


    Explain What happened and Why?

    I accidently clicked on bot detector now what?


    Choose the site name if the site is name is not availble choose but make sure your tell me the name of the site and your username.

    Explain What happened and Why?

    I cashed out for 1,000,000 an you deleted me why?

    This site does not have any 1,000,000 clicks except cheat checks. Therefore if you try to cash out then you are trying to cheat the system.

    I didn't click on the Bot Checker but my downline did. Why did you delete my cashout?

    Trying to cash out a ridiculous amount is sign that you may be trying to cheat the system.

    I joined multiple times. Can I have all my accounts?

    No you can have only 1 account.

    Check out the Terms Page
    Multiple Joins
    You are not allowed to create any more than 1 account.

    False Representing myself is that cheating?

    Yes, False Representing is cheating

    We do not tolerate anyone who uses false information.

    Is having No Country or Wrong Country considered cheating?


    Contact: with your username and country to fix.


    What payment methods do you accept?

    We currently are accepting Paypal, and AlertPay.

    Are some sites not allowed to advertise?

    Yes, adult, warez, hate, or anything else illegal are not allowed!! We have the right to refuse any ad. Contact us if you are unsure about your site.

    Where do I purchase advertising?

    Login and then go to "Purchase". Select a product that you want to buy and hit the "buy now" button. Enter the information it asks you and then hit enter. The system is automatic so your ad should be online in about 60 seconds.

    I paid for advertising, but my ad was not updated, Why?

    Our transaction system is automated, however occasionally payments are not posted back to our site. If your ad was not updated/added within 2 minutes, please contact us and we will update your ad manually. Be sure to include:

  • What service you used. (PayPal or AlertPay)
  • What you bought
  • How much it cost
  • Transaction ID or receipt

    What sites are blacklisted on your site and Why?

    Site Blacklisted


    Webmaster restarted site killing all advertising and members, because he made a link $1.00 and didn't want to pay for his members.

    Site Blacklisted


    Site not in English

    What is 382 error?

    A '382 error' will be returned to any user trying to create an add that is blocked

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